Illuminated bar shelf

Metal wagon base on wheels for BLOBB shelf.

Back bar element to be combined with pinto base Design: Stefano Giovannoni

Wooden case

Bookshelf by Giulio Polvara for Kartell

Clothes hanger

Clothes hanger on wheels

Office cupboard (with key lock)

Shelf on wheels

Backbar shelf element with 4 divisions, each with a 40 W neon lamp. 220V Schuko(Design Jan Vandepitte)

Illuminated back bar element

Office cupboard (with key lock)

Office cupboard (with key lock)

Metal hinged door cabinets with key lock

Central bar element illuminated. (Design Jan Vandepitte+Csilla Gabor)

Metall cupboard for cloakroom (with key lock)

Bookshelf by Claudio Bellini for Casamania